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Nearly a century has passed since Erie was last featured in an issue of National Geographic, but that does not mean the city has lost its luster of yore. In fact, it would seem that the Gem City has instead embarked on a renaissance of both art and industry.
“Fruits of Labor” sculpture installed at 13th and Holland
"I've heard plenty of the jokes about the starving artist, but the only artist who starves is one who doesn't feed their need to create."
Cole Receives Artists Commission to create augmented reality, interactive stage installation for November 5th TEDxErie event
It may be a hard knock life for us, but at least the expERIEnce Children’s Museum is holding its own in the world of museums and education centers!
Attention jazz enthusiasts...
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...find out how two industries worked in tandem to create beautiful public artwork!
Ask not what Erie can do for you, ask what you can do for Erie.
As an Erie native and theatre guru, Sherr has some words of wisdom for local individuals trying to forge ahead in the arts industry.
Dying to learn more about Erie history? Look no further!

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The mission of Erie Arts & Culture is to strengthen the vibrancy and vitality of the Erie Region and enrich the lives of our people through the advancement of arts and culture.
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