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Beyer's Fund for Music Performance

Clarence E. Beyers pursued a personal mission to increase the Erie community’s access to art and music and make generosity to the arts contagious. For many years, Beyers generously contributed to local arts organizations and helped talented Erie students obtain professional training at nationally recognized institutions. He was active on multiple boards and a long-time violist in the Erie Philharmonic.

Beyer's Fund

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Erie Arts & Culture is committed to improving the lives of our region's residents. We do this by leveraging the power of culture and creativity to address the vital needs and interests of Erie and Northwestern Pennsylvania. We support broad accessibility to engage with the cultural sector educationally, socially, and economically - during all life stages.

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Exposure to, and participation in, the arts teaches essential life skills. Access to arts and culture, especially during key developmental ages, has the power to shape character and influence upward mobility later in life.

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Arts and cultural experiences have broad appeal, drawing attendees and participants representing a diversity of race, geography, age, and socioeconomic class.

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The industries of the twenty-first century depend on a generation of innovation through creativity.

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