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A collective voice for a vibrant region

Founded in 1960 as the Arts Council of Erie, Erie Arts & Culture is the Local Arts Agency (LAA) for Northwest Pennsylvania, as appointed by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA). As an LAA, our role is to promote, support, and develop arts and culture at the regional level; ensuring broad opportunities for residents and tourists throughout communities in Erie, Crawford, Venango, Warren, Mercer, and Lawrence counties to engage with the sector educationally, socially, and economically.  The presence of an LAA ensures that all communities - regardless of their geographic location or economic status - are systematically and equitably served.

In support of our mission, Erie Arts & Culture:

  • Provides tools, resources, and financial support to individuals and organizations that specifically utilize arts and culture as a platform to engage the broader community.
  • Grows the capacity of our sector to ensure extraordinary arts and cultural experiences.
  • Creates an environment in which artists and creative industries, representing a wide variety of disciplines, can thrive.
  • Funds opportunities for lifelong learning through arts and culture experiences in classrooms, institutions, and public spaces.
  • Consults on how arts and culture can be a component in any development or redevelopment project.

Our partners: