Creative Economic Lifeblood | First Release in EAC’s Series of Arts and Cultural Impact Storytelling Videos

Thursday Mar 14th, 2019

Creative Economic Lifeblood v2

Erie Arts & Culture recently contracted MenajERIE Studio, a female-owned, small business located in Downtown Erie, to create and produce a series of videos that tell the stories of how art and culture plays an imperative role in the personal, communal, and economic development of our region. It is through the creative and cultural sector that we improve the quality of life for our residents, inspire the imagination and creativity of our youth, provide a sense of identity and inclusion for our diverse inhabitants, and propel upward growth of our region’s economy.

The video series will be featured on Erie Arts & Culture’s new website, currently under construction by another locally owned, small business, Werkbot Studios. The proposed launch of the new website, accompanying the release of the entire storytelling video series, is scheduled for the end of the month.

Creative Economic Lifeblood focuses specifically on the economic impact that arts and culture has on our region’s economic development. As a city that historically relied heavily on manufacturing as its means to thrive, Erie’s economy is now shifting, bringing creative industries to the forefront of its gainful opportunities. Careers in advertising, design, film, music, publishing, software, and video games are readily becoming more abundant.

Stay tuned…

Learn more about MenajERIE Studio and Werkbot Studios here.

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