EAC Friday Feature: GeeXella

Friday Apr 7th, 2023

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10 Questions with GeeXella

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-written by Nat Richmond

What originally inspired you to pursue your career with Music and Sound?

As a youth I was always involved in music. I went to art schools my entire life and studied a little bit in college. I took a break from being overwhelmed and it was involved in a serve car accident that birthed my want to be back in music. I would say sound and Djing came later with being connected to other djs in Jacksonville,FL.

Describe your childhood. How did Music introduce itself into your life?

I would say a huge influence came from my family. My mother is Mexican and my father is Black. We always had music on. When my parents would play cards I would hear everything from house music , rap music and bachata music. Music was all around me always. I told my mom in elementary school that I wanted to take music lessons. BIG CAPRICORN ENERGY! after that I studied classically as a singer from the age of 8 till about 21.

How do you infuse your culture into your work?

I think I tried to stray away from it for so long because of antiBlackness in the Latinx community but moving to Atlanta really inspired me and I feel so taken care of and respected by my community. I Dj with an all queer Latinx crew called La Cholo Teca and we throw parities in ATL and they really embrace me and my culture.

How have you witnessed your Art helping others to heal and create a positive community?

Yes for sure! In Jacksonville , Fl j stated a dance night called Duval Folx where I carved out a queer dance night in my city. I have had nothing but support from my community and they constantly tell me how much of a healing space it is for them. It’s honestly that for me as well. Not only curating the space but giving other djs the night to take up space and Dj!

What are your ultimate goals with your talents?

My current goals are heavily influenced by my scholarship. I want to attend an MFA program and teach music and perform professionally. I love being in conversation with youth and educating anyone who wants to learn how to Dj. I feel most of it has to do with confidence and I want to be able to let people know they can absolutely achieve anything they want. I want to be everyone’s cheerleader.

How do you hope to inspire others to be their best selves?

I would say by modeling this behavior first. I want to always try my best and do my best while also meeting myself with kindness.

Do you face any fears in your creative process? How do you overcome those fears?

OMG ALWAYS! I have to constantly remind myself of my worth. Community and therapy has truly help guide and shape how I see myself and work. It’s definitely still always a work in progress but surrounding yourself with good people helps.

What's your favorite composition that you've created to date?

Love this question I would say my favorite is definitely Lucid Dreamer a song that talks about always staying true to yourself,dreams and manifesting. I believe it always is a song about knowing your worth. It always makes me cry but I feel so powerful when I sing it. .

Who are your favorite artists? How have they inspired you?

I would say this shifts for me as I get older. I think my favs are now my friends and folx I consider homies in my Dj community. They inspire me to be positive and keep going. They keep me sharp and also cheer me on. Kaleena Zanders LP GIOBBI Ari Gaskin Willie Evans Jr. Niki Dawson Rania Woodruff Danni Cassette To name a few

Any final thoughts?

Thank you for this feature

Instagram: @GeeXella

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