Welcoming April's Visiting Artist in Residence, Noté Peter George

Thursday Mar 23rd, 2023

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Let's give a warm welcome to our third Visiting Artist of 2023, Noté Peter George.

Noté Peter George was born in Monrovia, Liberia. Noté a nickname given to him when he was a toddler by his mom. At a young age Noté’s mother brought him to America for a chance at a better life. His mother was all about living the American Dream. She was his rock, and his number one fan.

Raised with the southern charm in Marietta Georgia, Noté studied drafting but Is Self taught as a painter, Illustrator and photographer. Moving from Georgia to New York, Noté was exposed to a global cultural In New York and refined his passion For art.


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Artist Statement:

"Noté’s process incorporates perspectives, patterns, vibrations of thoughts transformed whimsically into characters, symbols, and iconic shapes utilizing contemporary African symbology. The artist’s remarkable mindscape works capture and translate his personal language of iconography and characters.The shapes, lines and curves are layered into a sea of colors. The figurative forms and characters interact with each other traveling from one dimension to another, exploring. The geometric shapes form gateways and portals, roads and paths. The characters float into environments representing different stages of transformation. Space-time is frozen, allowing viewers to get a glimpse at moments of the artist’s consciousness. Notions of observer and viewer only exist as axis points for exploring the relationship between humanity and nature."



Residency Plan:

While in residence in Erie, Noté will set up his studio at FEED to explore the use of different projection technologies in his installations. This work will include prototyping with projection mapping onto a variety of surfaces, including pools of water and objects shaped like elements of the Erie landscape and social scene.

An integral part of Noté’s residency in Erie will be photographing the community via workshops offered through local community organizations. Workshops will consist of an artist talk about Noté’s background and process, followed by a photo shoot with the participants, intended to elicit a sense of play and innocence. Participants will be given prompts to respond to verbally and physically. Noté will use the material from these workshops to create iconographies of Erie for his projection-based installation at FEED.



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