PRO Network

Erie Arts & Culture believes that creative and cultural professionals can play a central role in developing vibrant and healthy communities and neighborhoods when they are provided with access to Professional development, Resources, and Opportunities (PRO). Through the PRO Network, creative and cultural professionals in Northwestern Pennsylvania are asked to identify the barriers that are most immediately impacting their capacity or the scalability of their careers. Out of this information, we design participatory workshops, professional development symposiums, services, and networking events specific to the needs of those living and working in the region.

Erie Arts & Culture would like to produce reliable data related to the number, variety, and diversity of creative and cultural professionals in the region. If you are a cultural or creative professional, please take a moment and complete our survey so we have a more in-depth understanding of your abilities and needs. We are asking that all creative and cultural professionals in the region complete this survey, even if you’ve previously enrolled in the online directory or previous membership initiatives implemented by Erie Arts & Culture.

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Artistic Background
If you are a cultural or creative professional of color who is interested in joining the CHROMA Guild network please check here.
Professional Development
Learning more about the following will help me advance my career (select all that apply)
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Regardless of where you live and work as a cultural and creative professional, you should establish and maintain networks with fellow professionals, venues and institutions, vendors, publications, and clients in markets around the region, the United States, and the world.

Erie Arts & Culture encourages professionals in our region to actively stay informed about what’s occurring broadly in the arts world. This includes being up-to-date on contemporary art trends and issues affecting the sector.

If you’re a working artist, your work should evolve as your career evolves. Additionally the opportunities you seek should also vary whether you’re an emerging, mid career, or established artist.