EAC Friday Feature: Ana Balcazar

Friday Jul 14th, 2023

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10 Questions with Ana Balcazar

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Ana Balcazar

-written by Nat Richmond

When were you all introduced to Art? And, what impression did it leave on you?

I think at an early age in kindergarten, and through school and by my family, my grandma used to cut paper cards for birthdays and things like that, she was very crafty. But as Art call like that I guess in high school through my art teacher, and later on by my friends who showed me art galleries. At the first time I was conscious of going to an art exhibition I felt in live with art and how can be a space to express ideas you don’t see in a classroom, or in tv, advertising or anywhere else. That really impressed me.


What's a work that has left a lasting impression on you?

Well I would say so many, but just getting back about my first time in an art gallery, the show was call “Peruvian Beauty” and it was a two person show about misrepresentation of race, of mestizos in media. There's was a group of paintings in European western traditional style putting this female artist instead of the Caucasian female, and a video art about female rituals for beauty, like shaving legs. This was so impactful at my 18 years old, we are talking about almost 20 years ago.


What's one word you would use to describe your Art? And Why?

A discovery in progress, but maybe that refers more to my creative process in life. My art is about woman and nature , but one word would be Vibrant, as a sensation I think it describes pretty much What I do, in any subject and medium, with color, shapes, lines and compositions.

How do you feel that your work affects others?

I think most people tend to see it all beautiful and some others go deeper. The ones who spend more time observing find some other questions in the work. It happens also, and especially with the most personal works, that some people reject my art work, they don’t want to see it, especially when it comes to the body. With nature it’s different, because you can feel so confronted.

What is your opinion on the rise of A.I. generated Art?

I think is a new tool, like any other in the past. Imagine being a painter, in a world with no cameras and then boom Photography shows up and you don’t have more portraits commissions. It’s the same, but now we are going to learn how to cope with that.


Should Art have a limit or boundary? Why?

Just the ones basic rights have, don’t kill. Don’t take people’s freedom of choice.


How would you like to evolve over the next 10 years?

I would like to have more impact in street art, because It’s out there for the people. I would like to have an open art school in the jungle, where people around the world can come. I also see myself more involved in art installation and intervention, like site specific.


How does your Art contribute to the human experience?

Just because is one more expression of a life existence. We need to listen to each other and art it’s an invitation to think, ask and discuss.

Are there any songs that inspire the creator in you?

That’s a tough, I just let the algorithm do it for me. But I like to listen to Qoqeqa, a Peruvian DJ, or DJs in nature. I listen to variety of rhythms from Salsa, Reggaetone and Classic Rock, Indie, depending of my mood to move while painting.


Any Final Thoughts?

If you like art, just do it, don’t judge yourself. Go to art shows, get inspired by nature, and share.
*photos courtesy of Erie Art Museum

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