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Grants for Folk Art Apprenticeships Available

Thursday Mar 31st, 2022

The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts offers up to $4000 for a master folk artist to pass their tradition down within their community. Most people think of folk arts coming from ethnic groups (like Amish quilts or Mandinke African drumming) but they can also come out of geographic regions (like Appalachian square dancing) and occupational groups (like fly tying or decoy carving). What all these folk arts have in common is that they are passed down from one generation to another in non-academic settings. 


Erie Arts & Culture’s Folklorist in Residence, Kelly Armor is excited about this grant. “In our fast-paced, modern society, it is hard for people to find the time to keep their traditions going. This grant has inspired many of Erie’s folk artists to sustain and even deepen their traditions.”


Welcoming March's Visiting Artist in Residence, Overstreet Ducasse

Tuesday Mar 8th, 2022

Let's give a warm welcome to our second Visiting Artist of 2022, Overstreet Ducasse. Inspired by the desire for reason and understanding, Overstreet Ducasse’s work isthe expression of his life experiences and true intellect.

In early 2020, Erie Arts & Culture launched a visiting artist residency program in collaboration with Long Road Projects. Through this program, Erie Arts & Culture and Long Road Projects provide contemporary artists with dedicated time and space to reflect, research, and create new bodies of work – outside of their usual environments. This program also creates opportunities for new perspectives and creative processes to be shared, which in turn positively impacts the cultural and creative landscape in Northwestern Pennsylvania. 

This visiting artist residency program is made possible through the generous support of a privately funded grant from The Erie Community Foundation. 


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